Sunday, 13 September 2009

Time to leave for a while ..

Its been a wonderful summer here for me: family, friends, sun, sun and more sun. Plus places to walk,, Sunday village fetes and car boot sales, and so much done in this wonderful house. All have inspired quite a few poems -material to be workshopped with my new seminar group this term and at Mole Valley Poets. My room is all but empty -just the bed for one more sleep and ,of course, the indispensible internet radio left now. I've grown fond of the patchy plaster, dreadful lighting, and continued dust and have done some good work here. That said, I look forward to moving into the first floor space -perhaps this time next year? And to making this room with its fresh lime plaster. new floorboards and ceiling into a room for more friends to enjoy when they visit. Now I leave this blog in others' hands until I return in December.

Saturday, 12 September 2009

Moving out and in

We are nearly there with the move out of the front of the house ready for the last of the major building work and installation of the burners ... and the hot, dry weather continues. Fingers crossed that when the rain eventually comes its the gentle sort that will soak the hard cracked clay. School has started so Tracey is back at work, Viv has been here for a few days now and is planning to drive back to UK on Monday. Sadly, I also leave then but I'll be back early in December.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Lectoure Firework Festival

From Lectoure Fireworks 2009
A short drive to Lectoure - normally famous for being only blue - but tonight many colours would light up the sky... At least that was the plan.

Viewing the fireworks from above the stadium where the fire show was taking place lead to a different view – still fairly impressive. And being able to sit and eat pizza and watch the display for free was a pleasant way to spend a late summer eve.

I even managed to capture some of the firework effects – but the noise is missing – even from the distance of the city ramparts each burst of light was accompanied by a bang…