Thursday, 22 December 2011

Oh so nearly there

Me upstairs that is … just a floor needed. The wet room is in good working order –water, lights. hot radiator & flushing loo. It looks fabulous –all that tile choosing time was very worthwhile.

IMG_0063 IMG_0065


Access is still slightly hazardous but I’ve now relearnt the art of long stepping from board to board …. and have been planning where to put the furniture. How wonderful it will be to unpack the library … need to decide order of books ..mmm. 


Progress also on the other side of the wall where James’ wet room now has a concrete base from which more good things will be built.


Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Progress on the first floor

About half the ventilation system arrived today... the other half is due early tomorrow morning. The split delivery is a mystery ...  of the ours not to reason why variety. We've also been 'playing' with the wet room tiles to decide what colour the trim and grout should be.

The weather is not up to the usual summer standard .... the tomatoes are splitting with all the rain. Chaos came to the hen house last night when Crumble squeezed through the gate while I was collecting the eggs ... a few very hectic minutes ensued and there were lots of feathers littering the ground by the time she was caught. I've learnt a lesson ... both bolt and wire catch need to be in place.

Saturday, 6 August 2011

From garden to pantry

Finally got started on the preserving this summer. The sight of so many marrows that should have been courgettes and an everlasting supply of tomatoes means more chutney in the pantry. At last I've got the technique that leads to spreadable chutney that everyone likes -involves the judicious use of a a potato masher at a crucial point in the process! I might retrieve all those untouched jars of unsuccessful stuff for a bit of a mash next time I have nothing to do ... alternatively I could take it all down to the hens.

Thursday, 4 August 2011

August 2011, this summer's story so far ...

Its a long time since the last blog post ... and lots of progress has been made upstairs and in the garden. The first floor has some great walls, finished with tlc by Tracey, and the plumbing has been adjusted to accommodate the back to back wet rooms.
Some considerable energy, discussion and at times, family heat, went into the choice of tiles but almost all of the new ones are now here, ready to be put on the floors and walls with others that we are recycling. Paul's research on the ventilation system was intensive and that is now on order.
The garden is as wonderful as it was when I was here in April and May ... plenty of rain this summer so we have a clover meadow instead of couch grass scrub and plenty of local bees, hover flies and other buzzy things feeding from the creamy flowers. Our first roses are in bloom thanks to Paul's green fingers -its wonderful to have a breakfast view of the fields and hills past the roses and very special to watch a visiting Hoopoe feeding from what we call the evening sunny spot. I was so amazed to it that I didn't dare move to get my camera!!
I've turned the kitchen in waiting into a temporary studio, its been a great place to do my felting. So far I've made a bag, slippers and a scarf and Bev and I enjoyed making a picture together when she and Andy visited in July.  As usual we are overwhelmed by vegetables! I'm taking a break from some writing for a few days and chutney making in the cool of the early morning is part of the plan.

Monday, 10 January 2011

January 2011

A new year and some changes in the front of the house. There are radiators in the kitchen and family room, and we are testing out the cupboard and furniture arrangement ... and no more yellow doors or dusty walls. Upstairs there are new windows, a radiator and some walls have their last coat of plaster. 
The burner is keeping us warm, heating the water and is great to cook on -and on a sunny day like today the solar panels kick in.