Thursday, 28 August 2014

landscaping summer 2014

The waste from the old front of the house floor is transformed into steps, a long bank with shrubs and young tree ... well done Tracey, great work.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Wonderful, wonderful gates

Briefly, some praise for our new gates ... remotely operated, wide and sliding for the cars and one for people and dogs ... so very good to see the back of the old wire fence 'arrangement'!   Posh postbox as well ...  at least it feels that way as this one opens from both sides.  

and ( as well as polishing walls, building more walls, and putting up gateside lighting) Tracey and Paul have been digging out for a new path down the side of the house ...


Its gardening weather here, warm and sunny, so more pics later when we've done with the mowing, strimming, pruning and weeding.

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

The new floor: it is what it is

I promised some time ago to post some pics of the newly tiled floor  ... the title to this post says it all! We've just about accepted that it is what it is and not what we wanted but, hey, at least we negotiated a substanital discount off the original invoice.

Tracey is already at work making repairs  -what a blessing she is so good at tiling. 

The front gate is also in progress, its being made off site and will need some digging etc. to install. Oh, how I will not miss that unwieldy stretch of wire we have at the moment.

Ideas for shape and size of the sofas in the family room are being discussed and the oak table we bought the first year we moved in looks just great.  And do we want curtains, blinds - no-one can decide.

Progess, real progress.