Friday, 13 January 2012

… switches on the wall

In fact, we have six switches at the top of the stairs –brushed satiny grey steel- elegant and ready for the light fittings we are still pondering over .Switches so nice I had to take a photo …



I just hope I can learn which switch works which light in a shorter time than it has taken me to know which switch to press to get light in the family room!  Blinking lights comes to mind whenever I try to turn them on and off .. and here are only four to choose from there. 

Paul is busy with the plumbing for James’ wet room …  and with the floor well rested, next week the fitting can begin. I am trying not to get too excited but I man be sleeping up there next time I’m here… WOW


Wednesday, 4 January 2012

the floor is resting

Transferred form Tim’s between Christmas and New Year the oak floor boards are getting used to their final home … adapting to the air on the first floor ready to be laid. The wood pale, smooth and smells woody and wonderful.

. IMG_0085

Tracey has diligently cleaned the ceiling –floor space and taped the light fittings in place, Lots of discussion about position and type of lights for the big space up there –we’ve all seen the ones we like, as usual there are strong opinions  and some are excluded on cost grounds alone as we need several!


and the plumbing for James’ shower room progresses ….