Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Unpacking the downstairs radiators

Its been busy here with Bev, Andy, Duncan and Georgia visiting last week  -so nice to have family here and especially to celebrate my birthday. James, as always, has recorded some key moments, see

The downstairs radiators have just arrived -the silvered pattern on the cast iron dazzling in the sunshine. They are now safely stored until work starts again on the plumbing. Paul and Tracey did a grand job moving them inside while Crumble did what every young thing does - played with the packaging. Allegra watched the show from the comfort of an armchair!
Today has been cooler, the rain failed to materialise and tomorrow they say that the heatwave will return. Earlier Paul made plum jam with fruit picked yesterday at Vincent's new house. We are blessed with kilos of tomatoes, aubergines  and courgettes so its chutney making tomorrow -the last batch was very popular, such a shame I can't remember what spices I used.

Tuesday, 17 August 2010

New additions to the household…

Two new young additions to the household - Crumble and Allegra. Currently Crumble is a the stage that she doesn’t quite know how long her legs have grown and so frequently stumbles over. Allegra is just friendly, climbing all over people, unaware quite how sharp her claws are…

Friday, 30 July 2010

July 2010 -well plastered walls

Its great to be back home again ... its hot, sunny, the ground floor has some beautifully plastered walls and upstairs is a electrical and plumbing work-in-much-progress. Both are testament to how hard Paul and Tracey have worked since I  was last here in January. Its now time for some rest and summer visitors so we've sorted out a living room -the stone walls keep it so cool in there, cleared the deck for late suppers and I've even cleaned windows!The solar panels continue to suppply us with all our hot water and the garden with lots of salad and veg. A glut of aubergines is about to demand attention -ideas very welcome for recipes please.

Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring arrives, even if a little late!

From enMatte
After a long cold winter, spring has come at last to enMatte. New for this spring is more on demand hot water than you could possibly want, thanks to the newly installed solar panels and the warmer weather!

Work for this Easter included re-cycling the beams from the replacement of the upstairs floor to refresh the raised beds which have supplied a variety of fruit and vegetables over the years – but now need new wood work to hold in the earth.

Also started was installing the wood work and vapour barrier that will support the final flooring upstairs and hide the wiring and pipe work from sight. This time there where no animal printed on the rolls of barrier – just instructions in about every European language you could think of!

After much discussion and searching the web, we also think we’ve worked out the lighting for the kitchen and front room. We’ve also got some candidates for a radiator to be the focal point – and source of heat – for the upstairs living space…

Monday, 11 January 2010

The big freeze continues here in birght sunshine, its very quiet and the the cars that do pass are going very slowly!!!  The chickens are taking it all in thier stride -huddling togther in their house most times but also out and about in the snow.

Saturday, 9 January 2010

Snow at last

Snow finally arrived in Puycasquier last night along with a temperature drop to match the rest of europe. Amazingly the hens are still laying (3 eggs today) and the garden is alive with small birds feeding of the seeds scattered on the driveway. The plumbers have been here all week connecting up the solar panels and bathroom radiator -one more day, so they say! Its great to have the multi-purpose new burner -heating, cooking, hot water all in one and from local wood now stacked in the old fireplace. I am very settled here (as always); fingers crossed that in 10 dyas time I will be able to get my return flight to UK.