Friday, 10 August 2007

Summer 2007 News

August 10th 2007 This summer we have seen the mix of sun and rain that seems to have engulfed northern europe but its hot when the sun shines and the rain has a wonderful effect on the garden. Novel ideas for using kilos of tomatoes, courgettes, aubergines etc are all very welcome. We are keeping pace with the corn on the cob: simply steamed and very sweet!
Tetra had her first litter last month -four engaging little bundles that are rapidly learning to outdo Cookie's attempts at 'play' . They can get under the deck, whilst she can only poke her nose there. The scratching post John made for Tess and Solo (circa 1989) is doing good service again but all 4 still seem to like to run our legs -ouch! The new roof is finally finished and the house now has a petit roof onto Paul and Tracey's wonderful terrace. The swallows are once again nesting here, this time in the little barn and accompanied by the rest of the flock that seem to be scouting the place for suitable nest sites. We think they are feeding on the crop in the adjacent field -I wish they could eat up the mice and voles who have taken up residence under my floor, despite Tetra's routine catches for her babies.

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