Thursday, 17 December 2009

Returning in December

Its great to be back here once again -there's lots of changes, its rather cold and snow could be on its way. The two front rooms are now one great space with the hall an intergral part of the house and on Monday we are promised the fitting of the burner!! Paul and Tracey's space is very cosy with their new burner: it sits in the middle of the lower stables and rotates -very posh and an example of how the very modern goes well with the very old. Upstairs now has a wooden underfloor without holes to possibly fall down and a cupboard for the hot water tank.
The chai is doing well as a temporary kitchen -and I'm looking forward to some baking tomorrow and sharing cooking festive meals with Paul. James arrives on the 24th thanks to a rebooked flight with easyjet.
Dagga, Cookie and I went for long walk in the sunshine this morning, we could see Paul's bonfire of the old wood from miles away -he is busy transforming the 'builders yard' into a garden (again).
... and we are all thinking of John on this special day. He would have so enjoyed sharing all this with us -we miss you so much and its wonderful that your DIY genes (amongst others) live on.

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