Saturday, 10 April 2010

Spring arrives, even if a little late!

From enMatte
After a long cold winter, spring has come at last to enMatte. New for this spring is more on demand hot water than you could possibly want, thanks to the newly installed solar panels and the warmer weather!

Work for this Easter included re-cycling the beams from the replacement of the upstairs floor to refresh the raised beds which have supplied a variety of fruit and vegetables over the years – but now need new wood work to hold in the earth.

Also started was installing the wood work and vapour barrier that will support the final flooring upstairs and hide the wiring and pipe work from sight. This time there where no animal printed on the rolls of barrier – just instructions in about every European language you could think of!

After much discussion and searching the web, we also think we’ve worked out the lighting for the kitchen and front room. We’ve also got some candidates for a radiator to be the focal point – and source of heat – for the upstairs living space…

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