Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Unpacking the downstairs radiators

Its been busy here with Bev, Andy, Duncan and Georgia visiting last week  -so nice to have family here and especially to celebrate my birthday. James, as always, has recorded some key moments, see

The downstairs radiators have just arrived -the silvered pattern on the cast iron dazzling in the sunshine. They are now safely stored until work starts again on the plumbing. Paul and Tracey did a grand job moving them inside while Crumble did what every young thing does - played with the packaging. Allegra watched the show from the comfort of an armchair!
Today has been cooler, the rain failed to materialise and tomorrow they say that the heatwave will return. Earlier Paul made plum jam with fruit picked yesterday at Vincent's new house. We are blessed with kilos of tomatoes, aubergines  and courgettes so its chutney making tomorrow -the last batch was very popular, such a shame I can't remember what spices I used.

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