Thursday, 15 August 2013

Getting ready for the new floor

We've been busy these last few days (and more days will be needed yet) clearing the front of the house for the new floor in what will be the kitchen/family-room/hall. The burner, soon to be tucked away somewhere safe for a few weeks, looks a little lonely now most of the temporary units have been moved.

Up on the first floor my terrace now has plants -agaves, succulents and a number of those ubiquitous spider plants that just seem to go on and on - all capable of surviving in the heat and tolerating only the occasional spot of attention. The handrail is awaited ... so for the moment we keep away from the edge.

Writing this on another sunny and very warm evening  -the tomatoes and figs are ripening, our new hens seem very happy although not all are laying at the moment and the cockerel is slowly finding his voice.

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