Thursday, 29 March 2012

Spring 2012 update

I’m writing this inside away, yes away from the March midday heat! Not sure if this is early summer, just a good spring but its certainly making up for the icy spell in February that gave many plants and trees a shock they may never recover from. Its a case of watching and waiting, seeing past the impact of the sub sub zero temperatures on the eucalyptus, passiflora etc.  lots of brown leaves and peeling bark at the moment.

The fields are vibrant with young wheat and hedgerow blossom –but rain is needed for the crops to continue to flourish. As usual Cookie is taking advantage of the sun out on the front terrace currently a work space for the laying of the floor


Yes, after lots of work on the professional plumbing by Paul to improve access to key pipes and construction of  James’ bathroom it is almost time. So glad that I am here to become chief tea maker and cook for the ‘workers’ over the next week as my rooms are given their finishing touch. Some early pictures below –lots of levelling, cleaning up the dust and fitting cork soundproofing strips happening today. I’ll keep the camera handy and continue the story -OK its a bore for most but I am so excited to see the plan for the space working out so well.


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