Tuesday, 3 April 2012

The start of the cover up …

I’m writing this to the beautiful sound of floorboards being hammered, strapped and nailed into place. The pictures tell the story so far –lots of planning, hard work and the occasional fall of dust. I’ve been taking photos to record what is under what boards –some places light fittings, elsewhere insulation.










I’m also making tea, cooking for the workers and sometimes getting in the way as my bedroom looks more and more like a place to move into –and, as always, once a floor goes down, a much bigger room  than before. Cookie and Crumble keep a watch on it all. Yesterday we 3 went out for our usual along the hedgerow walk admiring the blossom and young wheat that now really does need rain. Cloudy today but no sign of rain yet.  To be continued …..

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