Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Only 500 metres left …

Its hard work, there are bruises and splinters, there is noise and wonderful progress.


The floor is out of James’ room and alongside the top of the stairs –with lots of craft needed to get a good finish on the last step   - well done Tracey.


As I write more insulation is being pumped in the space between the ceiling and the floor –the stack of bales of compressed newspaper is diminishing. A good use of one sort of print media that we quickly discard. I’m thinking of John as I write –his newspaper habit was legend and he would have been so proud of all this work.

Briefly other news –overnight we have had the best sort of rain …soft and gentle on all the young plants. Paul has forgiven me for pulling up the wrong spring onions –I now know where the ones for eating are! My quilt is less a pile of small pieces and more a pile of small squares and yes they were a few days late but the homemade hot cross buns got top marks. I don't expect there will be any left for tomorrow! Off now to do some more work on my poetry and then make pizza for lunch.

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