Monday, 8 October 2012

A special garden for the dogs and other stuff

I’ve been out and about with my camera recording the changes at Enmatte in the past few months and days. We now have a dog proof garden under the old oak tree –very useful at reducing the number of times we are distracted by the task of looking for Macaroon or looking for Crumble.



When the dogs go walk about they are almost always looking for the cats –an impossible quest as Tom and Geo are wise to this activity and know where to go to not be found. But that doesn’t stop the dogs trying and the new fence gives them freedom and limits!



  There’s lots of toys for them to play with –but one small stick was very much in demand this afternoon.




Work is progressing on the stone wall. Paul has fixed the power hose so the water goes where it should and importantly not all over him.



After the cleaning comes the pointing –the stone looks so good once this is done. P1040764

Today is hot and humid –wonderful weather for October. The sunflower harvest continues, Paul’s tomatoes are still ripening and (not good this) the cabbages are populated by Cabbage White butterflies. The wasps continue to be a bother despite a special trap and most likely attracted by the fragrance of Peach & Vanilla Jam Paul made last week. And late last night I did battle with a very noisy mosquito –no bites, thanks to the wipes I bought for the South American jungle and bought home untouched.

Its market day in Fleurance tomorrow and I’m hoping there will still be soft fruit for sale –peaches for breakfast is just the most wonderful way to stretch the summer.

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