Friday, 12 October 2012

The Truck & the Box go their separate ways

Finally, today Paul & Tracey’s first home (the Box) was separated from the Truck! The word was out in Puycaquier that today was the day, the ground was just right –hardened by summer sun- so the crane didn’t sink, and there were plenty of straps, ropes and helping hands for the task.

it went from this







to this    P1040785

then, with some help from the van, the truck moved …


and, finally, the box was put in its new resting place


Hopefully, it won’t be too long before the scrap metal guys return and remove the truck –apparently its not going anywhere as the clutch has gone!


All this was done in the wonderful October sunshine that’s still with us –although we have had a couple of brief, very wet, storms. The tomatoes and french beans continue to ripen and Paul has pulled the first parsnips.

And the stone wall is looking very good, with pointing almost as far as the front of the house … well done Paul and Tracey for all your hard work this week.

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