Saturday, 6 October 2012

Moving week … its wonderful on the 1st floor

I’m not usually at Enmatte in October but this has not been a ‘normal’ summer, Anyway, I am here at last, the sun has been shining since I arrived and best of all I have moved into the 1st floor space. Its almost impossible to describe just how wonderful it all is … spacious, light, airy, full of character and now full of me! The large pile of boxes of books and other stuff is no more, although more book shelves are needed (no surprise there, I hear you say),



I have spread all my sewing stuff across the middle space and sorted out an office space, and the sitting room is a calm, quiet place.  P1040747

One of the best things about this space is the mix of furniture from different places i have known all my life. I am writing this on our dining room table bought in 1967, over there is a small table that used to be at the top of the stairs in my Grandmother’s house, behind me is the camphor wood trunk that belonged to John’s parents. Two of the bookcases once belonged to John’s Grandparents and I have a chair from their house in my dressing room. In front of me is the brass chess table we bought in Iran, Peggy’s Singer sewing machine … it makes for a memorable and practical melange of everything a home needs.

Then there is the bedroom,  through the sliding doors …….



and (very posh this) a dressing room. The wet room has a great shower, the best lit loo ever and the tiling is, naturally, Tracey’s finest. 


Paul’s electrician skills are so very good –the lighting scheme he designed and built for this space is perfect & Tracey has built me a wardrobe that has swallowed all my clothes in a way that means  I can see everything behind the large mirrored doors. Clearly, I am in love with it all.



More pictures to follow ,,, will try to also post some of little Macaroon who is the best puppy ever, and is growing up fast. He is slowly learning what belongs to me up here  -my slippers and the content of the waste paper bin - and what is his to play with. Crumble is quite adult beside him, and has made the spot at the end of my terrace her very own. It is a joy to be greeted by them each morning as if I had been away from weeks not just overnight.

And the work continues. Paul and Tracey have been cleaning the west facing stone wall of the house today, ready for pointing. I’ll try to post some pics of that this coming week.

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